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  • Baby Maracas

    Baby Maracas

    Perfect for tiny hands with a gentle, soft sound. Colours vary
  • Happy Clown Rattle

    Happy Clown Rattle

    Brighten baby's day with this colorful wooden rattle created especially for grabbing fingers, teething gums and smiling faces.
  • Little Friend Rattle (Boy)

    Little Friend Rattle (Boy)

    Shake up baby's playtime with a colorful wooden rattle, created especially for grabbing hands, teething gums, and curious minds.
  • See Me Sensory Ball

    See Me Sensory Ball

    Full of sensory delight, this soft-textured, easy-grip, easy-to catch ball is a perfect first ball for little ones.
  • Silvi Footprint Plaster Tin

    Silvi Footprint Plaster Tin

    Baby footprint kit create a charming and permanent keepsake. Perfect for a boy or girl. It allows you to make a permanent copy of your baby's hand or footprint. Enough plaster for one hand or footprint.
  • Under the Sea

    Under the Sea

    Practice colors, counting, and learn about animals which live under the sea with Hape's Under the Sea Qubes set. It makes a great gift for an up-and-coming oceanographer when you're on the go.
  • Wrist and Ankle Bells

    Wrist and Ankle Bells

    These Halilit Bendy Bells are a flexible and adjustable strap with 4 bells. The Bendy Bells are easy to wear on both wrist and ankle. Various colours, one supplied
  • Activity Spiral - Teddy Bear

    Activity Spiral - Teddy Bear

    We adore this fun teddy bear on-the-go activity spiral which features a rattle teether and tail that squeaks. Travel can be difficult for babies, so this can keep the little one entertained and content
  • Adventure Fund Money Jar

    Adventure Fund Money Jar

    Save for your next adventure with our beautiful Adventure Fund Jar Money Box. From the Wanderlust Adventure collection
  • All-Terrain Adventure

    All-Terrain Adventure

    Over land, sea, sky, and the great beyond, sort and stack to help these critters get back on track! Practice spatial awareness by reassembling each vehicle of the puzzle. Age: 18+ Months
  • Balance Boat

    Balance Boat

    Hape's Balance Boat is a fun, wooden see-saw toy that introduces the concepts of quantities, weight and balance. Children have to stack the sailors to balance the boat - can you stack them without tipping the boat?
  • Barnyard Animals Large Peg Puzzle

    Barnyard Animals Large Peg Puzzle

    A charming cottage puzzle features familiar shapes. This extra-thick wooden puzzle includes five pieces, with jumbo wooden pegs for easy grasping
  • Bear Camp Teepee Money Box

    Bear Camp Teepee Money Box

    Save and create adventures with this playful money box. Embrace the great outdoors, indoors with the Bear Camp teepee design
  • Bee Spiral Toy

    Bee Spiral Toy

    The Bee Spiral Toy is the perfect companion to entertain any baby in their cot or buggy! Suitable from birth onwards it is a sensory interactive toy that will keep babies happy and occupied
  • Castenets


    Colourful, round castanet specially designed for easy use - perfect for small hands.Suitable from 3 months. Please note: price is for one castanet only and colours may vary
  • Chasing Rainbows Money Box

    Chasing Rainbows Money Box

    Get saving for the good times with this Chasing Rainbows money box, whether its a weekend getaway or fabulous festival
  • Chime Bell Rattle (Style May Vary - Bee or Mouse)

    Chime Bell Rattle (Style May Vary - Bee or Mouse)

    Taf Toys Chime Bell Rattles are loveable, colourful character rattles with a soothing chime bell sound. Featuring plenty of grabbing and chewing options and varied textures, encouraging baby to develop fine motor skills and senses.
  • Crocodile's Burp Puppet Book

    Crocodile's Burp Puppet Book

    Can Crocodile’s friends put up with his terrible table manners, or will they leave him to have a picnic by himself? These infectiously funny puppet books introduce children to the involuntary noises their bodies make!
  • Danny's Diving Adventure

    Danny's Diving Adventure

    Susie's flip-open deck reveals her furnished cabin with seats and a table set with delicious lunch for her Play Friends to enjoy
  • Dexter the Digger

    Dexter the Digger

    Dexter's mechanical arm is the perfect size for little hands and his lever picks up boulders around the construction site
  • Didicar Walk N Ride Green

    Didicar Walk N Ride Green

    The Didicar Walk 'n' Ride is a unique 2 in 1 toy - a baby walker and ride on! It has been intricately designed to provide ultimate support and stability
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  • Dog I Love Chunky Book

    Dog I Love Chunky Book

    This chunky book brings a specially written rhyme to life for very young children, with a cute doggy finger puppet cut through the book to be wiggled and moved on every page
  • Dog Squeaker Stick

    Dog Squeaker Stick

    This Dog Squeaker Stick is lightly padded and is suitable for babies and young children. It would be a great addition to any toy collection
  • Dolphin


    We have all children's favourite safari characters in our painted wooden animal collection. Designed to inspire imaginative play, this dolphin is perfect for small world play.
  • Drumroll Please

    Drumroll Please

    Who loves to make music? This storage inspired Drum contains seven fabulous instruments to create some fabulous musical sounds
  • ELC Linky Teethers

    ELC Linky Teethers

    Colourful and textured teething rings linked together. Also includes first mirror for baby to discover his or her reflection. Age 0+
  • Farm Threading Play Set

    Farm Threading Play Set

    A colourful farm play set – the robust wooden bricks can be threaded on a string so none are lost. This is a great exercise for training motor skills.
  • Geometric Stacker

    Geometric Stacker

    Children are creative and imaginative as they stack, mix and match 25 colourful, wooden pieces. Learning about colour, shape, size, sequence, and problem-solving
  • Giraffe Play Blankie

    Giraffe Play Blankie

    The Giraffe Play Blankie is an adorable, exciting and interactive combination of a teething toy, a comfort blanket and activity toy all in one
  • Gruffalo Little Library

    Gruffalo Little Library

    More in the exciting Gruffalo baby and toddler series from the bestselling Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, featuring all your favourite characters from the deep dark wood.
  • Happy and Sad Animal Opposites

    Happy and Sad Animal Opposites

    A great book for little learners. Colourful pages can be turned to discover a new world – then turn the page of the little book to discover its opposite.
  • Hickory Dickory Chunky Book

    Hickory Dickory Chunky Book

    Hickory Dickory Chunky Book. Always a favourite - these chunky little books offer a choice of charming, simple stories and delightful illustrations.
  • I Wood Hedgehog

    I Wood Hedgehog

    Hedgehog with 10 interlocking pieces to learn numbers and colours, and to help Baby to develop hand-eye coordination. This hedgehog will help Baby learn to count to 10 while having fun.
  • Kooky Clip-On Pram Book

    Kooky Clip-On Pram Book

    Designed to stimulate and entertain baby from birth. This beautiful soft pram book has a high contrast side ideal from 0-3 months and a reverse with bright colours and textures to use from 3 months.
  • Ladybug (assortment)

    Ladybug (assortment)

    This little wooden Lady Bug will be your best friend and follow you around wherever you go. Watch the unique bug waking motion as you go. Encourages early walking.
  • Latches Barn

    Latches Barn

    Unhook the latches to open the barn doors and see who is inside, then close the doors and buckle up the barn again! This beautifully crafted sturdy wooden barn is brightly painted both inside and out.
  • Leopard Love Money Box

    Leopard Love Money Box

    Get saving for wild adventures with this fabulously fierce money box. Discover honey hues paired with a gorgeous jade green
  • Lock and Latch Board

    Lock and Latch Board

    Unlock, unlatch, open the hinged panels, and count on finding fun when the pictures beneath are revealed! Kids will delight in discovering what's hiding behind the locked and latched panels
  • Lola Lamb Nightlight

    Lola Lamb Nightlight

    Funberry Farm's Lola Lamb nightlight will relax and soothe your little one at bedtime. Lola is an adorable soft toy with a glowing tummy
  • Lunch Box

    Lunch Box

    Inside this gorgeous wooden lunch box is everything your little one needs for a tea party or picnic. The Lunch Box will open up hours of fun and teach about the different food groups
  • Magical Island Stickabout

    Magical Island Stickabout

    The Magical Island is great for creative play in the bath or bedroom – or any room with a smooth surface that it will stick to
  • Mini Caterpillar

    Mini Caterpillar

    Meet the Mini Caterpillar! Small enough for tiny hands, large enough to make a big impression. Watch this classic BRIO toy bob its head up and down as it gets pushed forward.
  • Mini Table Carousel (assorted)

    Mini Table Carousel (assorted)

    Playing with squeaking doll, plastic beads and more stimulates baby's senses and encourages the development of fine motor skills
  • Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser

    Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser

    The new innovative rinser features interior fins that channel a steady flow of water to ensure quick cry-free rinses. A soft rubber lip fits snuggly to the forehead, preventing water from getting in eyes
  • My Calendar Blue Doowell Magnetic Chart

    My Calendar Blue Doowell Magnetic Chart

    Blue Doowell Magnetic. Fun daily activity with movable magnetic words and numbers. Fun shapes for seasons and weather. Great for learning numbers and days, dates and months
  • My Soft World - Farm

    My Soft World - Farm

    A Farm themed set of soft, wood-like and colourful foam blocks specially designed for safe play. Edushape My Soft World Farm is a great stand-alone block set.
  • Noah's Ark Bookend

    Noah's Ark Bookend

    This pair of traditional Noah's ark bookends by fair trade toy supplier Lanka Kade are ideal for keeping children's books tidy. These heavy weight bookends are handcrafted from wood
  • Orange Juice

    Orange Juice

    This realistic looking wooden carton of Orange Juice will become a firm favourite at playtime, to wash down every meal with a healthy refreshment!
  • Polar Bear

    Polar Bear

    We have all children's favourite safari characters in our painted wooden animal collection. Designed to inspire imaginative play, this polar bear is perfect for small world play.
  • Princess Chalkboard

    Princess Chalkboard

    Chalkboards needn't be boring...bring them to life with this fun Princess Chalkboard wall decoration which is perfect for the bedroom, playroom, classroom or kitchen.
  • Pull Along Duck - White

    Pull Along Duck - White

    Why confine ducks to the bath? Heres a pull-along wooden playmate that nods its head, flaps its wings, and even gives out a quack to let you know its still behind you
  • Reggie Rooster Toy

    Reggie Rooster Toy

    There's a lot of fun to be had with Reggie Rooster, either at home or on the go. This small activity toy is sure to enhance your baby's senses
  • Shopping Basket with Cuttable Fruits

    Shopping Basket with Cuttable Fruits

    This makes shopping loads of fun! This woven shopping basket leaves nothing to be desired: filled with strawberries, carrot, eggplant, corncobs, apple and banana
  • Super Duck

    Super Duck

    Vibrantly coloured discovery soft toy with a multitude of features to keep baby occupied. Has chime bell sound, a baby-safe mirror, a squeaker, crinkly wings, plastic rings, a teether and textured fabrics.
  • Tea Set "Laura"

    Tea Set "Laura"

    This set made of coloured sheet is a beautiful decoration for the children's table! You can use the included tray for quick service and so 4 dolls can enjoy their tea party
  • Tin Humming Top

    Tin Humming Top

    With its bright colours and classic spinning-top sound, this Tin Humming Top is sure to become a playtime favourite! Just pump the handle and watch and listen
  • Tommy Tug Boat

    Tommy Tug Boat

    Wind-up Tommy Tug Boat's attached captain figure and off he speeds through the water thanks to his motor powered propeller!
  • Underwater Escapade

    Underwater Escapade

    Learn important sorting skills with silly sea creatures! Colourfully painted to attract your little one's eye, this adventure helps encourage hand eye coordination.
  • Wave Drum

    Wave Drum

    Have the ocean in the palm of your hand. Colorful plastic beads contained in the transparent head create the sound of the ocean and the fish graphics bring this drum to life.
  • Wipe Clean Magnetic Board

    Wipe Clean Magnetic Board

    This fantastic double sided combination of whiteboard and chalkboard is perfect for all budding doodlers! This activity board is ideal for encouraging creative play and enabling learning
  • World Explorer Money Box

    World Explorer Money Box

    This World Explorer money box features soft pink hues, touches of pretty rose gold and the inspiring quote 'let's go explore the world'.
  • Zigolos Owl Stacker and Rocker

    Zigolos Owl Stacker and Rocker

    This is a delightful owl seven piece stacker as well as a roly poly. Made from solid wood and felt. It is tastefully designed and could be a nice decoration piece as well as a toy.