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  • Baby Maracas

    Baby Maracas

    Perfect for tiny hands with a gentle, soft sound. Colours vary
  • Happy Clown Rattle

    Happy Clown Rattle

    Brighten baby's day with this colorful wooden rattle created especially for grabbing fingers, teething gums and smiling faces.
  • Lamaze Robot

    Lamaze Robot

    The Lamaze infant development system welcomes you to a comprehensive system of soft toys based on Lamaze International's philosophy of healthy parenting
  • Little Friend Rattle (Boy)

    Little Friend Rattle (Boy)

    Shake up baby's playtime with a colorful wooden rattle, created especially for grabbing hands, teething gums, and curious minds.
  • See Me Sensory Ball

    See Me Sensory Ball

    Full of sensory delight, this soft-textured, easy-grip, easy-to catch ball is a perfect first ball for little ones.
  • Silvi Footprint Plaster Tin

    Silvi Footprint Plaster Tin

    Baby footprint kit create a charming and permanent keepsake. Perfect for a boy or girl. It allows you to make a permanent copy of your baby's hand or footprint. Enough plaster for one hand or footprint.
  • UFO Playset

    UFO Playset

    Watch imaginations soar when this fully-equipped UFO lands in your child's room. 3. 2. 1. Blast off. Get a young imagination on an extraterrestrial journey with Hape's UFO
  • Under the Sea

    Under the Sea

    Practice colors, counting, and learn about animals which live under the sea with Hape's Under the Sea Qubes set. It makes a great gift for an up-and-coming oceanographer when you're on the go.
  • Wrist and Ankle Bells

    Wrist and Ankle Bells

    These Halilit Bendy Bells are a flexible and adjustable strap with 4 bells. The Bendy Bells are easy to wear on both wrist and ankle. With a clear, bright, and resonant tone
  • Activity Spiral - Teddy Bear

    Activity Spiral - Teddy Bear

    We adore this fun teddy bear on-the-go activity spiral which features a rattle teether and tail that squeaks. Travel can be difficult for babies, so this can keep the little one entertained and content
  • All-Terrain Adventure

    All-Terrain Adventure

    Over land, sea, sky, and the great beyond, sort and stack to help these critters get back on track! Practice spatial awareness by reassembling each vehicle of the puzzle. Age: 18+ Months
  • Alphabet Book

    Alphabet Book

    An imaginative 24-page full colour activity book for the pre-school child. Written to develop foundation skills. With colourful stickers, friendly characters and fun activities to encourage learning.
  • Alphabet Match

    Alphabet Match

    Ages: 4-10
    First Alphabet Puzzles.
    Learn the alphabet by matching the simple pictures to the letters. Only the correct cards will fit together.
  • Animal Jingle Bells

    Animal Jingle Bells

    Fun, animal shapes with three shiny bells for a great sound. Easy to hold.
  • Balance Boat

    Balance Boat

    Hape's Balance Boat is a fun, wooden see-saw toy that introduces the concepts of quantities, weight and balance. Children have to stack the sailors to balance the boat - can you stack them without tipping the boat?
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