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  • 24 Piece Puzzle Tray - Teddys Picnic

    24 Piece Puzzle Tray - Teddys Picnic

    A classic wooden puzzle for little hands. Place each piece onto the board or finish the puzzle on a plain surface.
  • 4 Way Turntable

    4 Way Turntable

    A great way to manage an ever-growing wooden rail network, this 4 Way Turntable will keep all engines heading in the right direction!
  • Animal Compass

    Animal Compass

    These wooden Animal Compasses each feature a cheerful animal face. Compasses help youngsters to learn all about direction.
  • Animal Shape Lorry

    Animal Shape Lorry

    These brightly coloured wooden animals can be loaded onto the lorry through special slots. Sort the shapes and learn all about animals
  • Biscuit Box

    Biscuit Box

    This large wooden biscuit box is full of delicious looking wooden biscuits - perfect for sharing! Includes an assortment of the biscuits that everyone loves
  • Bookmark


    These brightly coloured wooden Bookmarks will ensure that your youngster never loses track of their place! Ideal to encourage youngsters to develop their reading skills
  • Bronto Riser

    Bronto Riser

    An exciting world of railways and dinosaurs is brought to life as trains and their wagons creep up the back of the Bronto Riser and whizz down the other side!
  • Butchers Crate

    Butchers Crate

    Fresh from the Butchers, this wooden Meat Crate includes a selection of meats such as bacon, steak, sausage, chicken and more!
  • Car Loader

    Car Loader

    Whether they're being delivered to the showroom or just letting the train do the hard work for them, the two wooden cars enjoy their own dedicated ramp
  • Cheese Board Set

    Cheese Board Set

    A wooden Cheese Board and knife, with a selection of brightly coloured cheeses to slice and serve! Ideal to help your little one to learn about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet
  • Chicken Shed Tunnel

    Chicken Shed Tunnel

    Cock-a-doodle-do! Youngsters can add a new dimension to their wooden railway set as trains pass though this wonderfully detailed Chicken Shed Tunnel
  • Christmas Train

    Christmas Train

    Father Christmas has boarded the Christmas Train and is on his way with three carriages brimming full of presents
  • Chunky Lift and Match Pets Puzzle

    Chunky Lift and Match Pets Puzzle

    Match each brightly coloured wooden piece to the correctly shaped slot on the base board
  • Chunky Lift and Match Toys Puzzle

    Chunky Lift and Match Toys Puzzle

    Match each brightly coloured wooden piece to the correctly shaped slot on the base board
  • Country Windmill

    Country Windmill

    The spinning sails and friendly farmyard details of the Country Windmill are sure to inspire endless creative play. Delight in passing trains through the windmill during a countryside rail adventure.
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