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Great Gizmos

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  • Buzz Wire Kit

    Buzz Wire Kit

    Construct your own buzz wire with this kit and learn how to complete an electric circuit. You can design different wire shapes with different levels of difficulty to test your skills under pressure!
  • Create a Night Sky Projection Kit

    Create a Night Sky Projection Kit

    Make your own starry sky and understand the constellations without ever having to leave the house. This 3D model is simple to build and will bring the beautiful night sky indoors for all the family to enjoy.
  • Embroidery Animal Cards

    Embroidery Animal Cards

    Follow simple steps to stitch animal design cards for your friends. It's easy and fun to do and make great gifts for your family and friends.
  • French Knitting Owl Doll

    French Knitting Owl Doll

    Follow a series of simple steps to learn basic French knitting techniques and sew your own chubby owl doll.
  • Green Creativity Trash Robot

    Green Creativity Trash Robot

    Turn everyday rubbish into an enviro project and make some cool robots. Kit contains 2 cars and colourful printed stickers to create your very own free wheel robot cars. It's cool!
  • KidzLabs - Kitchen Science

    KidzLabs - Kitchen Science

    Perform amazing experiments using everyday kitchen equipment and materials. A fun and inspiring kit! Contains 6 specially designed kitchen science experiments
  • KidzLabs - Tornado Maker

    KidzLabs - Tornado Maker

    Recycle an empty bottle to construct this battery powered Tornado Maker. Create a terrific tornado on your table top and experience the mighty power of this natural phenomenon. Whoosh!
  • Little Dinosaur Learns To Roar

    Little Dinosaur Learns To Roar

    Danny the littlest dinosaur is learning to roar. He opens his mouth wide and roars but still isn't as loud as the other dinosaurs. Place your hand into Danny's wide mouth and play along with the story!
  • Magnet Science

    Magnet Science

    A super magnet set containing 10 fun and exciting experiments and games. Make a super powered horse show magnet or a magnet want, a super magnet racer, yacht compass or a mysterious dangler ...
  • Make Your Own Shrinking Craft

    Make Your Own Shrinking Craft

    Design your own unique and beautiful shrinking accessories with your family and friends. They make perfect gifts and decorations. You can make 12 charms which can be used to make keyrings or joined together to make jewellery.
  • Mould & Paint - Cute Pets

    Mould & Paint - Cute Pets

    Mould and paint your very own cute pets and make pins or magnets to decorate your room or give as gifts!
  • Mould & Paint - Robots

    Mould & Paint - Robots

    Make you own moulded owls and paint in any colours you want. Get your children experimenting with colours and shape. Create lovely robot magnets that can then be displayed on any fridge or magnetic surface.
  • Paint Your Own Trinket Box - Russian Dolls

    Paint Your Own Trinket Box - Russian Dolls

    Have fun painting your own six adorable Russian dolls. Once dry, you can use them to keep your jewellery in and they make great ornaments too.
  • Reward Wooden Stamp Set

    Reward Wooden Stamp Set

    Thumbs Up', 'Good Job', ' You're a Star!' These chunky wooden stamps are a great craft set for rewarding good behaviour and good work.
  • Spy Science - Secret Messages

    Spy Science - Secret Messages

    Send and receive secret messages using this fun and educational kit from Great Gizmos. Discover how to communicate in secret using different messages practise at being a Spy!
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