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  • Aquarellum - Dragons

    Aquarellum - Dragons

    Aquarellum Dragons has 3 quality vellum art boards to complete each with a different, intricate and soon to be colourful Chinese dragon design
  • Aquarellum Jnr - Princesses

    Aquarellum Jnr - Princesses

    Junior Aquarellum Princesses comes with four lovely paintings to complete that will appeal to girls. Each art board has a pre-printed picture of a lovely princess
  • Big Puzzle - Animal Ballet

    Big Puzzle - Animal Ballet

    A dance puzzle with a twist! Perfect puzzle for preschoolers as each and every ballerina is an animal - with each new piece the puzzle will reveal koalas, bears, giraffes and even a hippo dancing across the stage.
  • Big Puzzle - Knights Tournament

    Big Puzzle - Knights Tournament

    There is so much is going on at the knights tournament that every time this puzzle is complete, new silliness will be found, where is the bird hiding, can you see?
  • Matriochkas - Natalya

    Matriochkas - Natalya

    Build Russian Matriochkas with Natalya
  • My Body - English

    My Body - English

    Read about all the interesting things your body can do as you learn what each part is called. Each page features a bright, vibrant picture and simple sentence about the body
  • My Manners - English

    My Manners - English

    Read about different everyday situations and learn how to politely use your manners in each one
  • People Puzzle - Ballerina

    People Puzzle - Ballerina

    Our beautiful ballerina has the most magical tutu. This is the perfect preschooler puzzle.
  • People Puzzle - Pirates

    People Puzzle - Pirates

    An awesome puzzle for treasure hunters! Fit all the pieces together to reveal the naughty pirate and his parrot chum... where are his gold coins falling?
  • People Puzzle - Robot

    People Puzzle - Robot

    Fun, preschooler puzzle. Our crazy robot looks like he may be losing his marbles - join the race to put him together fast!
  • Puzzle Pair - Ballet Colours

    Puzzle Pair - Ballet Colours

    Puzzle Pairs Ballet are a super introduction to puzzling for the littlest of kids. Each of the 20 pieces are self correcting only allowing the true match to fit together
  • Puzzle Pair - Knights Matching

    Puzzle Pair - Knights Matching

    These puzzles are for the littlest of kids. Great for learning how to match images plus improving problem solving skills
  • Puzzle Pair - Space Numbers

    Puzzle Pair - Space Numbers

    These are the perfect first puzzle for toddlers. Each pair is self correcting - meaning that only the match will fit together
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