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  • Ambulance


    There's an urgent emergency in the children's room! But first, the patient must calm down and will surely feel safe in this child-friendly vehicle
  • Farm Threading Play Set

    Farm Threading Play Set

    A colourful farm play set – the robust wooden bricks can be threaded on a string so none are lost. This is a great exercise for training motor skills.
  • Nostalgic Dominoes

    Nostalgic Dominoes

    All dominoes are made in a classical design and the wooden box has a beautiful picture on it.
  • Owl Family Matryoshka

    Owl Family Matryoshka

    What a cute owl family! Four lovingly painted Matryoshke figurines depict this family. The owls disappear inside the next largest owl according to size
  • Pull-back Animal

    Pull-back Animal

    These colourful animals zoom around the playroom on four rubber-coated wheels with a pull-back motor.
  • Shopping Basket with Cuttable Fruits

    Shopping Basket with Cuttable Fruits

    This makes shopping loads of fun! This woven shopping basket leaves nothing to be desired: filled with strawberries, carrot, eggplant, corncobs, apple and banana
  • Tea Set "Laura"

    Tea Set "Laura"

    This set made of coloured sheet is a beautiful decoration for the children's table! You can use the included tray for quick service and so 4 dolls can enjoy their tea party
  • Tractor


    The country life will move right on into the children's room with this tractor. Young farmers will surely get their money's worth here.
  • Wooden Container Ship

    Wooden Container Ship

    Full speed ahead, Captain! This large, stable container ship with a magnetic crane offers long-lasting playtime fun together with the magnetic attachment on the crane and the four containers.