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  • Barrel Of Slime

    Barrel Of Slime

    Get gooey with this yucky barrel of slime! A fun party bag filler for kids, the slime comes in an assortment of vibrant colours
  • Binoculars


    Junior Adventurer for budding birdwatchers and mini secret agents. Kids will love this educational discovery toy which will enable them to spy from a distance. Beware: Could cause mayhem!
  • Bouncy Eyeballs

    Bouncy Eyeballs

    Make eyeballs that bounce, find out how balls bounce and learn jazzy juggling. Make one large eyeball and three small glow-in-the-dark eyeballs.
  • Build a Rocket

    Build a Rocket

    With light years of play value that will keep little space cadets occupied and engaged for eons. Load up the Rocket Ship and take a voyage of discovery around your living room and beyond.
  • Create Your Own Solar System

    Create Your Own Solar System

    The 3-in-1 solar system activity set. packed with facts and activities.a board game with dice and counters and a create your own giant 3D solar system wall art scene
  • GeoSafari Jr Aqua Magnifier

    GeoSafari Jr Aqua Magnifier

    Scoop up some water for a glimpse of underwater creatures! Get a glimpse of creatures in any natural body of water. Three magnifiers help provide an up-close view
  • Grow Your Own Mini Magical Garden

    Grow Your Own Mini Magical Garden

    Create a beautiful magical garden. Inside you will find four magical friends you can move around the scene. A clever pop-up miniature garden with real cress seeds to grow.
  • Magic Growing Snowman

    Magic Growing Snowman

    Add the special magic liquid to the base of the cardboard snowman and watch the crystals grow. The snowman becomes round and jolly
  • Magnet Set

    Magnet Set

    Discover the fun with magnets! This set contains 6 magnets, some paper clips and other magnetic objects.
  • Make Your Own Bubbling Lava

    Make Your Own Bubbling Lava

    Simply mix vegetable with water, drop in a fizzing lava tablet and watch as the colour begins to erupt. The explosion of blobs will float to the surface much like a lava lamp
  • Make Your Own Snow

    Make Your Own Snow

    Make Your Own Snow this year with this kit from Keycraft. Simply put the crystals in your hands, add some water and watch the snow develop, it won't freeze your hands either.
  • Make Your Own Wind Up Clock

    Make Your Own Wind Up Clock

    Full step by step instructions included to assist you making this fully functioning wind up clock. The clock even chimes! Suitable for 10 years and above.
  • Mini Magnifier

    Mini Magnifier

    These traditional magnifiers feature a chunky handle that is easy for little hands to grasp and hold whilst exploring. Grab your mini magnifying glass and head out
  • Newton's Cradle

    Newton's Cradle

    This demonstrates Newton's principle that 'action and reaction are equal and opposite'.
  • Salt Water Powered Car Experiment Kit

    Salt Water Powered Car Experiment Kit

    Salt water car model kit and science toy - build it and fuel it! The car is powered by salt water which generates electricity
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