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Trains & Track

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  • 4 Way Turntable

    4 Way Turntable

    A great way to manage an ever-growing wooden rail network, this 4 Way Turntable will keep all engines heading in the right direction!
  • Big Yellow Crane Construction Set

    Big Yellow Crane Construction Set

    Time to get serious! Towering up into the skyline, this working wooden crane can lift a load, swivel it around and also move it forwards and backwards
  • Bronto Riser

    Bronto Riser

    An exciting world of railways and dinosaurs is brought to life as trains and their wagons creep up the back of the Bronto Riser and whizz down the other side!
  • Cargo Harbour Set

    Cargo Harbour Set

    The container ship has crossed seven seas with its valuable cargo, and is now finally arriving at the harbour. Everyone gets excited. Is everything prepared?
  • Chicken Shed Tunnel

    Chicken Shed Tunnel

    Cock-a-doodle-do! Youngsters can add a new dimension to their wooden railway set as trains pass though this wonderfully detailed Chicken Shed Tunnel
  • Classic Engine

    Classic Engine

    A classic BRIO locomotive, simply timeless design.What would a railway set be like without these? If youre looking for a new set of wheels for your railway, youre in the right place.
  • Dinosaur Train

    Dinosaur Train

    The Dino Train is the perfect accessory for the Dino Train Set, allowing youngsters to transport dinosaur bones and hatching eggs though a prehistoric land.
  • Double Tunnel

    Double Tunnel

    This wonderfully detailed Double Tunnel engages young minds and adds another dimension to each play session
  • Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set

    Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set

    Pinks, pastels and fairy figures feature extensively in this wooden Fairy Figure of Eight Train Set. The cute engine and colour co-ordinated carriages pass by
  • Farm Railway Set

    Farm Railway Set

    Out on the farm, life is quiet. The cow and horse are out on pasture while the tractor is taking the hay load to the barn. The crane lifts the hay up onto the loft.
  • Farmyard Train

    Farmyard Train

    Children can join the chicken and pig for a countryside rail adventure onboard the Farm Train. Two of the carriages have magnetic points allowing them to be lifted off
  • Hay Wagon

    Hay Wagon

    The animals need more hay at the farm and this is the perfect way to get it to them. Transport the hay load inside the train wagon. Attach to any BRIO engine. Includes a magnetic hay load.
  • Horse and Wagon

    Horse and Wagon

    Time for a relaxing ride in the horse carriage. The figure goes either in the classic country wagon, or remove the horse's blanket to fit rider inside.
  • Lifting Bridge

    Lifting Bridge

    Its the boats turn to pass by. Just turn the crank to lift the bridge and manually lower the stop barriers. Includes 2 ascending tracks for easy connection to the Railway system.
  • Long Straights (Pack of 4)

    Long Straights (Pack of 4)

    Expand your train set with this pack of 4 long straight track pieces.
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