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  • Two by Two

    Two by Two

    Ages: 3-6
    A Noahs ark memory game
    Pair up the animals and post them into the big 3-D Noahs ark, then find the rain cloud to make the ark sail away.
  • Rocket Game

    Rocket Game

    Ages: 4-7
    Collect the most loops as you blast into space in this fun, counting and matching game!
    Choose a launch pad and blast into space collecting as many loop-the-loops as you can on the way! At the end of the game count the loops and the player with the most wins!
  • Spotty Dogs

    Spotty Dogs

    Ages: 3-6
    Collect the dogs and count the bones!
    Learn to count with these Spotty dogs. Spin the spinner, match the number with the dogs spots and then see how many biscuit bones there are in the basket.
  • Big Red Bus Jigsaw

    Big Red Bus Jigsaw

    Ages: 2-5
    All aboard this big red bus! A bright puzzle with lots of interesting passengers to talk about.
    Pieces: 15
  • Who's in Space?

    Who's in Space?

    Ages: 3-8
    A great new talkabout first puzzle to engage your child in an understanding of the world.
    Pieces: 25
  • Shopping List

    Shopping List

    Ages: 3-7
    Race to fill your trolley!
    Be the first to fill your trolley with all of the items on your shopping list, in our best-selling memory game.
  • Greedy Gorilla

    Greedy Gorilla

    Ages: 4-8
    A healthy eating game........
    Encourage healthier eating in a fun way. Use the healthy food cards to create nutritious meals and post the junk food into the gorilla's mouth to make him burp! 3 x AAA batteries included.
  • Party, Party, Party

    Party, Party, Party

    Ages: 5-9
    The perfect party game
    Come on everyone, the partys started! Race to fill your handbag with fun accessories and be the first to join your friends on the dance floor!
  • Pop to the Shops

    Pop to the Shops

    Ages: 5-9
    A fun shopping game
    Help children learn about handling money and giving change, by playing this fun shopping game. Go around the board from shop to shop, using plastic money to buy lots of different items.
  • Alphabet Lotto

    Alphabet Lotto

    Learn the letters of the alphabet in this fun lotto game! Choose which side of the board you play on and try to be the first player to find all the cards that match the letters, or pictures
  • Big Digger Jigsaw

    Big Digger Jigsaw

    Ages: 3-6
    Make up this puzzle and see the digger in action.
    Pieces: 20
  • Farmyard


    Ages: 18 months +
    Six fun first jigsaw puzzles of friendly farm animals. Includes: cow, sheep, horse, pig, goat and chicken.
    Pieces: 2
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