Wooden Finger Puppet Theatre

Stunning table top finger puppet theatre. Brightly painted wood design with shiny fabric curtains that open by pulling the cords
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Product information

Stunning table top finger puppet theatre. Brightly painted wood design with shiny fabric curtains that open by pulling the cords. Wooden pieces slot together very quickly and easily (no tools required) making it great for impromptu living room performances and it easily folds up to put on the show anywhere!

Gold Award Winner - Imaginative and Role Play - Good Toy Guide 2009, Toy Talk Top 10 Pre-school toys

Easy to slot together

Bright and colourful design
Fabric curtains that open for 'dramatic effect'
Easily folds down for storage and travel

Easy to assemble
Soft fabric curtains and painted wood
Pull to open the curtains
Packs away easily
Ideal for Tellatale finger puppets
Puppets not supplied

What they said:
Have a look at what the Good Toy Guide testers said:

Good Toy Guide Report

Fiesta Crafts

Finger Puppet Theatre and Finger Puppets

Beautiful small theatre with lovely bright colours and real ‘stage curtains’

Lots of beautiful finger puppets are available including pirates, animals, princesses and knights!

A reasonable price for a small theatre that offers so much play value. It was played with constantly by our testers, who were in a rehabilitation centre, family homes and a stay and play centre.

The puppets are amazing – so well made with lots of detail and there are so many to choose from.

The skills developed are imaginative play, independent play, social play – turn taking and speaking and acting in front of others.

Plus points – Value for money – sustained appeal, very well made – amazing choice of puppets available – puppets fit all fingers well.

Comments – Both parents and family centres agreed they would definitely buy this toy as it is constantly played with!

Amy – 6 years “I love being a princess in the play”
Jade – 7 years “There are so many puppets to choose from, I don’t know what to play with first”
William – 7 years “The pirate is wicked”

Parents also agreed that they would buy the puppets as the children’s preferences for characters change/develop

Main Features:
This vibrant, table-top finger-puppet theatre is a fantastic addition to any playroom and is attractive to both parents and children -no mean feat! The brightly painted wooden pieces can be quickly slotted together with no need for a screwdriver or glue, and can be easily folded away for storage and transport. Once you've set the stage and drawn the satin curtain, choose from a huge variety of detailed fabric finger puppets with painted wooden heads. These must be bought separately, but with characters ranging from Little Red Riding Hood to space-age aliens, you can build up a whole cast suitable for your children.

"This is a lovely set for firing imaginations and encouraging confidence in speaking to an audience" said our adult testers, underlining the fact that creative storytelling is an immensely productive mode of play. Alex and Courtney, both seven, enjoyed putting on shows and one parent pointed out that it would be a great way of engaging the whole family within group-play. The set promotes interaction with other children and adults, and given the length of time our testers spent on the activity, felt it provided good value for money.
Skills: Creativity, imagination, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, life-skills, speaking, listening, observation, concentration.

Age: 3-9 (40 x 35 cm, Pieces: 5)

Technical specifications

Brand Fiesta Crafts
Weight 0.8kg


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