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  • Elastic Band Doodle

    Elastic Band Doodle

    With Artzooka Elastic Band Doodle, kids can use elastics and the doodle base pad provided to create scenes and characters
  • Ford 12 Pack Coloured Pencils

    Ford 12 Pack Coloured Pencils

    This 12 pack wooden pencil set in official Ford colors provides you with the exact color shades to create supercharged designs!
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  • Ford GT Sketchbook To-Go

    Ford GT Sketchbook To-Go

    The Ford GT Sketchbook To-Go contains 36 sketch pages, 2 illustrated inspiration sheets, 1 official pencil & more than 96 stickers. Color instructions included.
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  • Hooked On Crochet

    Hooked On Crochet

    Get hooked on designing unique crochet accessories with this Hooked On Crochet knitting kit. Use the eye-popping wool colors buttons and the crafting tools to create your very own fashion accessories
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  • Marine Creatures

    Marine Creatures

    Imagine having an aquarium with different fish every day, and not having to remember to feed them. The instructions illustrate six different marine creatures you can build.
  • Mathable Junior Board Game

    Mathable Junior Board Game

    A great introduction to Mathable for kids 5 and up. Play Mathable Junior two different ways with reversible game board
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  • Paper Tape Pets

    Paper Tape Pets

    Artzooka Wrap ā€˜nā€™ Tape Pets Craft Set
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  • Shambala Style Bracelets

    Shambala Style Bracelets

    Follow the trend and make your very own Shambala Bracelets! Share and trade with your best friends.
  • Sketcher-Tape - Motion Theme

    Sketcher-Tape - Motion Theme

    Ready, set and sketch with Artzooka Sketcher-Tape! Kids can use different decorative adhesive tapes and stickers provided to create colourful scenes they can display